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  TSI offers state of the art electronics design, service and support. We are familiar with all areas in the field of electronics. If you have a consumer electronics device that is not working or you want it to do something differently - CALL US. If you need something to make your home life or business run more smoothly - CALL US. 

We can custom design and build whatever device you may need. We have successfully responded to the customers needs for over 25 years. You are the customer. We work for you. It will be done the way you want it done, when you want it done, at a price you are comfortable with. Estimates are always free!

    There are millions of electronic devices on the market. These items fail. Manufacturers do not always provide support or may do it at a unaffordable price. We are most experienced at repairs at the component level. This means we do not replace boards or assemblies - we replace the exact component that is defective. This means a substantial reduction in repair costs. Transistors usually cost about 3% of the cost of a complete board assembly.

   During the past 25 years we have acquired thousands of schematics and service manuals. Many of these have been created by us due to a lack of availability, drawn from the circuit on hand. Our schematics are correct to the best of our knowledge. When the mfr makes corrections, we correct the drawing. You won't find better quality or prices anywhere!

We have a wide variety of books and manuals many of which are authored by our staff. These cover a broad range of applications: electronics, physics, chemistry, medicine, computers and lots of DIY's. Most are in PDF format, some are in Word format. Amateur and CB Radio.

    A few years ago transistor manufacturers discontinued the making of many transistors used in CB and Ham radio. These transistors were used as the finals in millions of radios in use today. The final transistor has a very high failure rate. Only a few of these transistors are remaining. They are difficult to obtain and even then they are too expensive. After extensive testing of many different devices we have determined that there are only a few choices of transistors to replace them with. One of those is not a bipolar transistor at all, but a MOSFET. The mosfet is capable of delivering twice the output of the original transistor. It requires very little circuit modification and has proven very reliable. We have developed several repair kits to cover all popular models of CB and Ham radios.    We also have repair kits that will fix several other symptoms as well. Whatever the problem is - we probably have a kit that will fix it.

You can do it yourself!!!

We also have some books that will take you step-by-step through the procedure of troubleshooting and repair of the most common models of radio. Only basic electronics knowledge is required.

You can fix it yourself!!!

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