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CB shops are getting few and far between. Most of the ones still in business are in business simply because they charge outrageous prices. Don't get me wrong there are still honest CB shops around. The cost of operating a CB shop has increased greatly over the past several years. The specialized equipment used to diagnose CB radio failures will cost a great deal of money especially if purchased new. You have to have a good watt meter, and oscilloscope capable of 30 MHz or more, a signal generator that produces signals at the appropriate frequency and bandwidth, good quality soldering equipment, a frequency counter and a very good DVM. How much do you charge a customer to fix a radio that cost less than $50 new? Many CB radios on the market are no longer repaired. Let's say you don't have any CB shops around or you just want to save some money and fix it yourself. You may even want to make a little money on the side. Most of the repairs that are required do not require so much equipment. What is required is a little knowledge of the circuitry and what it does. Furthermore it's good to know how a circuit will act when it has failed and what the symptom of the radio would then be. In the past seven years I have probably looked at a schematic for a Cobra 25 only once. Generally as soon as I hook it up and see what it does-I know what it needs. Then, one or two quick voltage or resistance measurements to confirm and it is done. This is the information I'm going to share with you. In this book I will discuss common failures and how to fix them. I will also include a diagram that coincides with the discussion. We will investigate the various sections of a CB radio that commonly fail. What the symptoms are. How to repair it. And sometimes a few tips on how to make that circuit even better. This book will guide you through the repair of over 90% off all Cobra 25 or 29 defects. In this book I will assume you have some basic knowledge of electronics and electronics repair. You need to know nothing about the repair of CB radio. Place a broken Cobra 25 or 29 on your repair bench, open this book and you will soon have a working radio. I have made most of it so simple that you only need to be able to solder correctly. Doesn’t matter if you are going to work on your own radio or fix someone else’s – this book will pay for itself the first time you use it.

Currently, we have 2 books available:

Cobra 25 Repairs Made Easy

Cobra 29 Repairs Made Easy


Click here for our CB Radio repair books

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Click here for our CB Radio repair kits

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