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Circuit Board Repairs

   There are millions of electronic devices on the market. These items fail. Manufacturers do not always provide support or may do it at a unaffordable price. We are most experienced at repairs at the component level. This means we do not replace boards or assemblies - we replace the exact component that is defective. This means a substantial reduction in repair costs. Transistors usually cost about 3% of the cost of a complete board assembly. Estimates are always free!

   Whatever it is - it can be repaired. It usually comes down to cost feasibility. Is it worth what it will cost to fix it? If it's a Boom Box - probably not. A lot of consumer electronic devices can be replaced for the cost of shipping both ways. This is not our purpose. We are here to repair the items that are worth the expense. Our rate is $25 per hour. No minimum. Most parts are included in the service fee. Estimates up front are free. Turn-around time is 24 to 72 hours.  If it is old and valuable due to personal attachment, you should give us a try. If it was made by a company that is no longer around, call us. Almost any board can be repaired for $25 - $50. In many cases that is much less than the cost of a new board, and certainly less than complete replacement.

   Many manufacturers market electronic equipment in such a way that the consumer often has no options for service. TSI was started just for this reason. When I learned that suppliers were telling consumers that the item was too badly damaged and had to be replaced, I had to look at some of these items. I repaired them for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Some manufacturers even give our shipping address when asked where to send defective units. Call us! Time is valuable - We won't waste yours or mine.

   If you are a manufacturer and are currently looking for an outsource for repairs we will be happy to discuss this with you.



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