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   During the past 25 years we have acquired thousands of schematics. Many of these have been created by us due to a lack of availability, drawn from the circuit on hand. Our schematics are correct to the best of our knowledge. When the mfr makes corrections, we correct the drawing. Most of these diagrams are in PDF format, making them easy to use or print. There are also some in Word, gif, jpg and djvu. You won't find better quality or prices anywhere!

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 We have over 6000 books and over 11,000 schematics ready for download. These 2 lists will never be completed. We get more each week. Odds are whatever it is you are looking for - we have it! We have the best collection of vintage electronic equipment schematics on this planet. We also have nearly 100 modification kits for CB radio and ham (amateur) radio. And, recently, we have been developing repair kits for CB and ham radio. These repair kits address specific problems that commonly occur in popular models. If your radio and symptom are on the list - that kit will fix that problem. You can do it yourself!



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Manuals may now only be downloaded from our store. If the manual you need is not yet listed there - please send us an email so we can add it for you.


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