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Computers have become a part of our everyday life. Most homes now have at least one computer and many have several. Computers use the latest technology available and therefore often fail (and sometimes it's not even our fault). Computers are very complex devices. Many problems are not actually the computer's fault but are a result of software problems or even human error (I did it right - the computer messed it up!).

Laptop or Notebook computers have become very common items. They have made it possible for us to use our computers while on the go. They get transported from one place (home) to the next ( work). It is not uncommon for them to get a little bit of abuse even unintentional abuse. The main circuitboard (motherboard) is not so generic as desktop computers are. They are also very expensive to replace.

The 2 most common failures in Laptop computers are:

* Broken or damaged circuit board

This type of repair usually takes a little more time and generally no components are required. Avg cost = $100-$125

* Power supply or charging circuit failure

This type of repair doesn't take as much time and uses only relatively inexpensive parts. Avg cost = $70.00

Regardless of why it is not performing properly it must be corrected. We always give free estimates. Upgrades can be done while you wait (try that with other repair facilities). In most other cases turn around time is 48 - 72 hours.

Our rates are $35 per hour with no minimum

Calculated in 15 minute intervals.

Estimates are always free!

Call us with your problem and we may be able to give you some pointers over the phone or at least tell you what it should cost to repair.

Computer not fast enough? We perform upgrades as
well. Ask us for a quote.

Got an expensive monitor that is not working? We repair monitors at the component level so the cost is reasonable. You don't have to replace it!


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